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  16 April 2014 11:53
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Dura Fitted Garage furniture

Dura - Exclusive Garage Interiors

Now you can organise your garage, de-clutter and gain valuable useable space

Just like any room in your house, your garage can be personalised to create your dream functional and organised space - whether it be for much needed extra storage, a workshop, a playroom or even a home gym to start that keep fit that you keep promising yourself!

How often have you dreamed of creating a workshop space all of your own to work on your classic car or motorbike? Or maybe you’re fed up with tripping over the lawnmower or the kid’s bikes just to get to your tools?

And another thing, have you ever wondered why people keep one of their most expensive possessions out on the street or driveway and not safely stored in their dry and secure garage? The reason is probably because the garage is full of clutter that could easily be organised with the Garage Wizards’ expertly designed and installed range of storage solutions. We can advise you on the range to create a room tailored to your unique requirements so that you can maximise the useable space inside your garage.

From foam-lined tool drawers, cabinets and flexible wall mounted storage to tough interlocking PVC floor tiles and under-cabinet lighting, with Dura’s range of innovative storage solutions you are guaranteed the highest quality bespoke garage to be proud of.

       “I chose Dura for its unrivalled quality and style – the ultimate garage system”
       Jason Plato, BTCC Champion 2001 and Fifth Gear TV presenter

Here’s how to complete the look of your garage and secure it in style.

Now that you have decided to invest in organising and improving your garage interior, to complete the look of your garage, why not take advantage of the special features offered by a sectional garage door or roller shutter.

These revolutionary doors are not only amongst the most secure garage door designs available but because they have an insulated core and are weather sealed on all four sides, they will also keep draughts and rodents out of your garage as well as improve keeping the heat in. This means you can work in your garage in comfort and guarantee your car and belongings are safely stored in a stable climate.

If you’re looking for something really exclusive to complement the exterior of your home, then a hand crafted Silvelox garage door may be the perfect design led garage door for your property.

And what’s more, an impressive and stylishly organised garage with an attractive door will give you that ‘wow’ factor and instantly add value to your home as any estate agent will advise you.

All you need to do is decide what dream garage you want to create, we’ll do the rest.
Call Us Now on 0845 450 7332 for friendly advice on how to secure and organise your garage in style.

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