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  19 April 2014 08:51
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How to Measure Up for Your Garage Door

There are literally hundreds of standard garage door sizes from 6ft x 6ft up to 6500mm wide, so watch our helpful video below to learn how to simply and accurately measure your garage for your new door.

Remember: Measure Twice, Order Once!

First you must decide whether you are going to retain your existing wooden frame or whether you would like your new garage door to be supplied in a steel, PVCu or GRP factory frame that will fix directly to the brickwork.

If you are retaining your existing frame, measure the internal dimensions of the frame. Make sure the frame is sound, square and securely fixed to the brickwork. Also ensure that the timber is the recommended size of 75mm x 75mm (3" x 3"). Always measure from more than one point as the brickwork or timber frame may not be consistent.

If you would like your new garage door to come with a factory frame, measure the brickwork to brickwork width of your opening. To measure the height of your opening, measure from the floor to the underside of the lintel.

Garage door sizes do not allow for any fitting tolerances, such as uneven brickwork or floor finishes. Please consider these tolerances when ordering your door by taking the measurement across the opening in 3 separate places, i.e. top, middle and bottom. Do the same for the height by taking measurements on the left, centre and right. Double check all your measurements.

Most Garage Door openings in the UK are built to imperial sizes and most standard garage doors available in the UK are therefore manufactured to imperial dimensions. If you are about to build your garage door opening, we can supply made to measure doors or standard metric sizes on certain styles.

Once the order for your garage door has been placed with the manufacturers it may not be possible to alter sizes. Once the door has been manufactured, measurements cannot be altered and refunds will not be considered under any circumstances. If you would prefer to have a survey by our trained professionals please contact us.

The Garage Door Co cannot accept any liability for inaccurate measurements that you have provided for your order. If you are unsure contact us for a survey.

All garage door sizes shown are nominal, the size stated refers to the size of the opening through which the garage door travels. In order to provide the necessary clearance, the true size for the door itself is smaller.

When measuring your new door always measure the opening size and not the size of your existing door. Refer to the measuring tables to calculate the size of the door you require.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Garage Door Measurement Diagram

Step 1

Print this page and use it with the measuring guide to carry out your self survey.

Step 2

Once you have your measurements you can choose from our gallery of garage doors online or email us this form and we will work out your ordering dimensions for you. You could also email us internal and external photos of your garage for clarification.

1 _____mm Brick to Brick Width of Opening
2 _____mm Floor to Underside of Lintel
3 _____mm Sideroom Clearance (Clear space on the back of the brick/block pillar)
4 _____mm Sideroom Clearance (Clear space on the back of the brick/block pillar)
5 _____mm Headroom from Underside of Lintel to Lowest Point of Ceiling
6 _____mm Is measurement 5 constant throughout the length of the garage, check for obstructions or sloping ceilings? What is the internal length of this constant? i.e the internal length of the garage

Use Only if Fitting an Up & Over Door to an Existing Timber Frame.
(You will still need to complete measurements 5 & 6 above)

1 _____mm Internal Timber Frame Width (Timber to Timber Width of Opening)
2 _____mm Floor to Underside of Timber Frame Head


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